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The Hauser Design Group is now on Thumbtack for search engine optimization, among other things. So far we have had good luck using the site. We just ordered a paid account, and we will post a status in the coming months to give a review of our experience with the service.

If anyone has any questions about the service or things that we should look for, just comment below – let us be your guinea pig. :)

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Giving Back 2013 Results

Hello everyone!
We have been looking forward to this. It is our pleasure to finally announce the winner of the Giving Back 2013 campaign! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted a non-profit organization. It was truly an eye-opener – and we all appreciate the time and effort that went into each and every nomination.

The submissions were great. As I mentioned this entire process was a real eye-opener, and as a result we will be working with every nominated organization on a more personal (meaning less public) basis to hopefully assist them as well.

So without further ado, we would like to announce that Peru-Based Operation Prom-ise will receive 1 free logo overhaul, one free website and the opportunity to present the program and their mission to over a hundred business owners in the area at the Ottawa Noon Rotary later this month.

About Operation Prom-ise:
Teaming up with schools, students and families to bring consequences of irresponsible choices to reality. Operation Prom-ise Inc. a non for profit group comprised of volunteers with a mission to open eyes and to save lives by: 1) bringing attention to the consequences of irresponsible choices; 2) promoting accountability for all choices we make and actions we take; and 3) providing alternatives to counteract the peer pressures teens and families face.

Current Operation Prom-ise Logo

Current Operation Prom-ise Logo

Visit their Facebook Page.

Read the PDF submittal sent by Brett King of King Engineering in Mendota, IL.

Again, thank you to everyone involved and all who shared. It is because of you that this campaign reached such a worthy cause. The Hauser Design Group is proud to donate something that we know will aid their growth and success in the coming years.

(We may actually do this again next year, so if you were thinking about nominating a non-profit but did not get around to it, you can try again in 2014! Just subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll update you when the time comes.)

Thank you!

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Help Wanted

The Hauser Design Group in cooperation with Clear.Water.Sky, LLC. is looking to hire a Lead Programmer  for a large project, and several subsequent projects. The requirements are as follows:

Knowledgeable and experienced with:
Working with developer APIs

Moderately comfortable with:

Not required but helpful:
App development
Any additional programming languages or coding experience
The ability to spearhead future projects in terms of programming

Not Required:
Any design experience (design input is welcome but not required) including Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Additional notes:
The Hauser Design Group
in cooperation with Clear.Water.Sky, LLC. is looking to hire a Lead Programmer  for a WordPress-based website project. We are looking to develop custom widgets, or plug-ins, or modules (however you want to describe them) to give a project functionality above and beyond a standard WordPress site. This will require command of the PHP programming language and the ability to “talk” to a MySQL database.

We are not looking for someone to take over the creative aspect of this project – although input is welcome. HTML, CSS etc. will be handled by other employees. The important task here is programming and code – we need rock-solid code.

After the initial project, there are additional projects we would like you to handle either as the lead programmer, or in some cases as the project lead. This is not something you will be required to do if you are not comfortable – again, our goal here is to find someone who can produce solid code in widget or plug-in development.

Please contact AJ Hauser for more information or to submit a resume.

Thank you for your interest in this position.

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Giving Back 2013

**Updated April 15th: due to the immediate positive response and quality of submissions we have decided to award The top 2 nominees with 100% and 50% off respectively. However, EVERY nominee will have the option to take 20% off any work they need done up through June, 2013. There are too many groups doing good to pick just one.**

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that in 2013 we will be giving away a free logo overhaul and standard website to a non-profit organization or individual in the community. Please watch the following video and let us know if you have someone in mind!

Submissions must be received by April 30th, 2013.

To send us a submission, simply contact us by email and provide the information requested in this video.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from everyone!

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Use QR codes more effectively in 10 seconds.

These little black and white eyesores are the bane of my designing existence. They’re called QR (Quick Response) codes. You can scan them with your phone and be whisked away to some far off land. The functionality itself is great, but I want to throw out some quick tips that will increase your conversions significantly.

qr codes look like robot barf

Effective? Possibly. Ugly as sin? Definitely.

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